Broke, Bombarded and Blue

Take a look at your life. What do you spend your time doing?… Netflix? Shopping? Mindless Facebook scrolling? Sleeping? Procrastinating?

Now take another look, what do you wish you were spending your time doing?…. Painting? Hiking? Writing? Learning a language? Joining a sports team? Writing handmade letters? 

I don’t know if you can relate with any of those things but lately this is all that has been circling my mind. I am an unorganized, overweight, procrastinating, low-key hoarder of a university student. I buy so many useless items because they were a good deal or I think they might be useful one day. From shirts to makeup to notebooks, I have it all. I literally have 7 different dictionaries on my bookshelf as I type this. Why do I need 7 dictionaries? Well, one is a pocket sized one and one of them was on sale at indigo. I think I picked one up at a garage sale because it was 50 cents. This old blue one that I have belonged to my grandfather. And this gross brown coloured one I don’t even know where I picked up. They literally are all just filled with words. My problem doesn’t end there though, I spend more time in my bed watching reruns of Downton Abbey on Netflix than I do talking to the people across the hall from me. Personally, something about that strikes me as not right. But what can I do about it? I’ve always been too busy or too lazy to get my butt moving and change something.

As I was aimlessly browsing youtube, I stumbled across a video about how someone owns less than 100 items. Now this youtuber advertised how much more time they had on their hands and how much less money they were spending. How could I not find this intriguing? From there I started watching more videos and documentaries. As my interest grew, I began reading blogs and posts about how Minimalism has changed and shaped people’s lives.

The more I discovered, the more I wanted in. I have decided to take a huge step in my life and begin to declutter the different aspects of my life from my closet to my brain. This blog is my first step of accountability and just to be able to see my own journey as I begin to take it.

I don’t intend to throw everything out over night nor do I wish to cut everything out entirely. Rather, I am going to challenge myself to each day do something new and take another step towards living a simpler and happier life.

My name is Shailey and I’ve decided to simplify my life starting today! So, here we go, thanks for tuning in 🙂


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