About Me

Ten Things You Should Know About Me: 

  1. My name is Shailey (shocker, I know)
  2. I am 19 years old
  3. I love Jesus
  4. I play the saxophone and Piano (#ForeverBandNerd)
  5. I am a low-key hoarder or as I prefer, “collector of everything” 
  6. I want to be a teacher someday
  7. I love the colour Navy Blue 
  8. Thunderstorms are my favourite thing 
  9. I have a pet guinea pig named Pippin and two fish named Finnigan and Neville (oops is my nerd showing?)
  10. *secret pastime* Crocheting

I know these all seem pretty random. That would be because they are 🙂 Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy coming on this journey with me. I’m just a broke college student hoping to let Minimalism change my life, one piece of junk at a time.


Ps. This is my face, in case anyone was wondering…